Trio T

in cooperation with the Company Les Mât Dam’s


The “Trio T” is a young cast, founded in 2014. The three female members have decided to work together to create new ideas and to follow dreams and visions. Lea Mäuer, from the Company Les Mât Dam’s and the sisters Clara and Sophie Sörensen were wondering how to combine the divergent artistic directions like theater, circus, music, dance and recitation.
Therefore the first play “AUFWIND” is a mixture of many colours of art and includes the topics: time, communication and energy.



a play created by the Trio T

with elements of dance, circus and live-music



1 play, 2 chairs, 3 women and 4 meters of pole.
And time, time enought for spoken words, mute statements and musical movements.
What happens when natural law meets emotions?
What is time?
Is the big but common mystery existing?
Answers to these and other questions the Trio T searches in their work for this programme.
That way the evening developes his own poetic style with some moments of weird lightness were the audience is invited to dream about friendship, imagination, failure and how to raise up again.




Public: for adults & children
Length: 1 hour and 10 minuts
Locality: theaters, festivals …
Playing area: width: min. 5m; depth: min. 5m; height: min. 4,5m, ideal over 5m